BGR Golf


The BGR Golf web app provides an efficient and convenient way for all the handicaps and scores of all players in a golf competition to be collected. The results of the competition are displayed, as a leaderboard, to the competitors and administrator on their phone or other device. It is only necessary for one person, the administrator, to have an account with the app. The administrator can, with a single click, email all competitors who provided their email address with a link sent to a secure web page where they can enter their handicap and scores. The results of the competition emerge in real time as competitiors enter their scores. If this is not desired, competitiors can be asked to submit their scores after the competition has ended.

It is anticipated that some players may not provide their email address and so it has been made possible for any player to submit handicaps and scores for any other member of their team. If, in spite of this, any players' data is not submitted, the administrator can submit the data on behalf of the player. The simplicity and flexiblility provided by the app should ensure that the full data necessary to provide the results of the competition are obtained with the minimum inconvenience to the administrator and players.

Administrators can create a list of players and courses which they can use for different competitions. When they create a competition they choose a course and then create teams for the competition. They then assign players to the teams. With a single click all the players are emailed inviting them to click a personalised link from which they can sumbit their scores and also see a leaderboard showing the results of the competition as the results are submitted by the players.

Currently only the popular Stapleford method of calculating points from scores and handicaps is available on the web app. It is hoped that other methods will be made available.